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There are 6 products.

  • Backing Tape - Argweld

    87.00 € (tax excl.)

    Designed specifically for thin gauge stainless steel welding, the Backside Support Adhesive bonds to the backside of the weld to support the first pass and the weld pool. This technique allows the argon gas emitted by the welding torch to remain around the weld pool, eliminating the need for backside inerting, while providing a consistent high quality bead profile. The aluminum tape is 75 mm wide. It has a 25 mm wide woven, heat resistant glass fiber tape in the center. The fiberglass tape is dense, weighing 1000 grams per square meter. The 80 amp tape is supplied in 25 meter rolls, and the 160 and 240 amp tape is 12.5 meters long.

  • PurgeGate controller for PurgElite inerting tanks

    142.86 € (tax excl.)

    Pressure regulator compatible with PurgElite inerting tanks. required for system operation.

    Prevents gas overpressure and risk of bursting of purge tanks.

    Sold individually

  • PurgElite Inflatable Inert Balloons

    193.00 € (tax excl.)

    Inflatable balloons for 1 - 14 inch pipe inerting.

    Huntingdon Fusion Technique HFT® is re-launching a revolutionary inerting system with a new design that allows you to increase the quality of your welds at low cost. This new simplified design has significantly reduced manufacturing costs without compromising the quality of materials used in the manufacture of inflatable inerting systems.

    The PurgElite® consists of two inflatable bladders covered with a flame retardant fabric, connected by a flexible hose that can withstand high temperatures.

    Sold individually (consisting of 2 connected balloons). Delivered without accessories.

    Order now and receive your product within 48/72 H in France and Europe.

  • Soluble inerting tape 5cm X 92m Aquasol

    145.00 € (tax excl.)

    Do you need to inert your pipes? Are you looking for a simple solution to hold your soluble paper in position?

    The AQUASOL adhesive tape is totally water soluble. It allows to maintain the soluble paper on the inner walls of a stainless steel or steel pipe. Roll size 5 cm x 92 m.

    Sold in rolls. Order now and receive your material in 24 H in France and Europe.