Stainless steel shielded long cutting torch HP1 2000 to 3000 MM - 90° or 120° bend to define

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HP1 stainless steel shielded long cutting torch 120° bend. 

Outlet cone : HP1/G1 

Description : Stainless steel shielded + 90° or 120° + FBA 

Inlet : 16x150 G (L) 

Length : 2000 to 3000 mm

Weight : depending of the length. 

Made in France. 

Delivered in 24h in France and in Europe. 

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Product information :

The HP1 are supplied without cutting head, the weight of the torch depends on its length. Stainless steel linking tube. 

Opening and shutting off the cutting oxygen is by means of a lever (trigger), located beneath the handle. 

Brass rounded handle, diameter 32 mm for the non-shielded version, stainless steel shield. Diameter 32mm for the shielded version. 

The design of the torch allows the use of cutting heads from 7 to 40/10 for cutting from 3mm to 360mm. 

The shielded torches are dedicated to more difficult works. The 120° bend facilitates the oxy-cutting of the parts on the ground, which allows the user to remain in a standing position. 

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