Manual cutting torch LE LORRAIN HP2 type 120°

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Cutting torch type HP2

Overall length : 800 mm 

Standard weight in kg : 3,750 

Different length on request 

Made in France. 

Delivered in 24h in France and Europe. 

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€714.61 (tax excl.)
€714.61 (tax incl.)

SAV par HD Soudage
Expédié en 24H
Livraison gratuite dés 600€ HT en France

Manual cutting torch. This cutting torch can be used for cutting 300 to 900 mm thicknesses by simply changing the cutting head. Supplied without cutting heads, round handle. 

Cutting oxygen switched on by valve. Can take HP2/G2 cutting heads to 60/10. Works with all kinds of fuel gas.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us. 

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