Wall-mounted expansion unit - triple board specify gas on the order

402 300

For all non-corrosive gases. 

Type : triple board (specify the type of gas in the order). Supplied with casing, valve, relief valve and built-in FBA. 

Made in France. 

Delivered in 24h in France and Europe. 

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€593.98 (tax excl.)
€593.98 (tax incl.)

SAV par HD Soudage
Expédié en 24H
Livraison gratuite dés 600€ HT en France

Max.upstream pressure : 20 bar. To mount on a pipe. The panels are protected bu a 20/10 housing and covered with epoxy paint. They are fitted with a 1/4 valve, relief valve and FBA (except neutral gas). 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Second pressure and distribution