List of products by supplier EGA Master

EGA MASTER is the only brand that offers a complete solution of industrial tools PREMIUM quality guaranting efficiency and security for users. 
Among them, we can quote some companies and institutions such as Airbus, Exxon Mobil, Shell.. 

The great commitment that EGA MASTER, S.A. assumes can only come from our own confidence. Confidence in our technology, quality, and performance. Our commitment of warranty covers all aspects related to the manufacturing of our tools. Unlimited, without restrictions, without boundaries. 
Excpet items marked G12 whose guarranty would be 12 months, and in countries where "life-time guarantee" may be forbidden by law, in which case the guarantee will be the highest one allowed by law. Germany : 10 years. 

Mission statement :

We are a costumer-focused company that manufactures high quality tools and equipment for industrial/ professional use, as well as highly specialized safety instruments. 
We firmly believe in Horizontal Integration as the best manufacturing method. International business and Innovation are the key sources of continuous improvement. Our main commitment is the total satisfaction of our customers by offering a one-stop solution to all of their needs, with highly customized products and services. For that aim we rely on our ability to adapt, be flexible and remain permanently innovative.
EGA MASTER is managed along the lines proposed by the EFQM European model of Excellence. The project is firmly based on its people, whose development according to their expectations -as well as those of society in general- forms the backbone of the company. 

Vision : 

To keep the company as a world-wide leading example in innovation, flexibility, service and total quality; respected and recognized by both our customers and the society of which we are part. We aim to continue our geographical expansion with a growth that is diversified, profitable and socially responsible, and which will generate employment and wealth for all involved. 

Values : 
-Customer orientation
-Innovation and creativity
-Team work
-Willingness to learn and improve