Respiratory protection SWISS AIR


The new SWISS AIR respiratory protection system, easily meets your requirements, and ensures permanent protection of your respiratory tract and lungs against smoke and dust. This product helps prevent the development of respiratory and lung diseases.

The SWISS AIR is easy to use as independent respiratory protection or in combination with any industrial helmet.

SWISS AIR assisted ventilation kit contains: a control panel, comfort half-mask, head and neck strap, blowing unit, transport unit and charger.

2-year warranty (battery excluded).

The SWISS Air is sold with or without the control panel.

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Product Description :

HD SOUDAGE cares about your health and provides you with a wide choice of products that protect you during your welding, grinding, cutting, and many other activities that pose risks to your health.

Our goal is to provide you with innovative, high-tech products to protect you as much as possible from dust, smoke and aerosols. It is for this reason that we have selected for you the new innovative product from our supplier OPTREL, SWISS AIR.

SWISS AIR provides protection of the highest class (TH3P) against airborne particles (smoke, aerosol and dust). Breathing air becomes up to 500 times cleaner while having the ability to automatically control the air flow.

Here are some technical characteristics of the product:

  • Washable face mask (max. 90 °C)
  • Battery and filter indicator (audible (fan) / visual (control panel))
  • Continuously adjustable air flow with the control panel.

This product helps reduce neck and back pain thanks to a significant reduction in the weight of the head, face and eye protection systems, and ensures increased user performance thanks to the positive pressure system which supports breathing and does not cause respiratory resistance.


This product provides the user with the following benefits:

• Working autonomy up to 14 hours

• In the case of the highest air flow (130/135 L / min): the autonomy is then at least 8 hours

• Instant start of the ventilation system

Compatible with all non-ventilated OPTREL welding helmets : Panoramaxx seriesCrystale684Végaview 2.5LiteFlipNéoClearmaxx...


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