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Since 1988, WELTEK (FRANCE), is specialized in ventilated technical welding hood. This family business has managed to develop itself by innovating in terms of welders' safety. 

Product range : 

-Welding helmets (ventilated, electronic..)

-Safety glasses

-Anti-heat curtains, welding glass..

-Ventilated masks..

NEWS : Weltek has launched a new range of ventilated welding helmets, at very affordable prices. Kapio and Navitek, with the breathing safety AIRKOS. 

The AIRKOS allows 2 airflows depending on the use : 180 l/min or 22à l/min. A simple pression allows to change. 

Why choosing HD SOUDAGE ? 

-We have a great storage of electronic and ventilated welding helmets.

-We assure after sales service.

WELTEK politics is to choose their distribution network such as HD SOUDAGE, active resaler in order to answer to customer’s needs

The leitmotive then are : selective distribution, welding, and personal equipment. 

-Welding helmets

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There are 9 products.