List of products by supplier WELDAS

Weldas is a factory based all over the world and especially in the Netherlands for european sales. It has earned the world wide reputation for the highest quality and most inovative products. 

This firm is specialized in protection gear for welders.

Weldas products are marked with appropriate EN marking standards and are manufactured by ISO, certified factory. Most of those products are certified according to the applicable European norms and some selection criteria that can be found by clicking here.

HD SOUDAGE chose WELDAS for the superior quality, the comfort of the products as well as for their certification. The materials used are chosen according to each use. (Flower leather, leather crust, flame retardant fabric ...)

>> The selection of products:
- Welding gloves
- Jackets of welders
- Welders pants
- Aprons of welders
- Welder's cuffs
- Hoods (head and neck) and caps
- Wallet hoods
- Welding cushions
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