List of products by supplier OPTREL

                                                  "OPTREL, SWISS MADE"

Optrel AG settled in Wattwil, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of active eye protection products, which are first of all used in fields of applications like welding, grinding and health care focussing on safety, health and efficiency of its users.

The internationally working company was founded in 1986 and since that is known as a technology leader in the market of ADFs for welders, but also throughout other opto-electronical protection systems.

With its world-leading innovations optrel regularly raises this claim and offers customers and users enormous advantages world-wide. It stands out from the other firms thanks to its quest for perfection in innovation, quality, reliability, maximum performances and absolute safety of all its products. 

This brand is also synonym of quality because it has earned the quality's certification ISO 9001 that you can discover by clicking here.  

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