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"For more than 50 years, HAMPIAUX society has created a complete range of flame welding, under the brand LE LORRAIN. 

Founded in 1946, many industries (wether in the steel industry, metallurgy, boiler making, craftsmen or refrigerator specialists) are delighted to work with LE LORRAIN. Their reputation is excellent. 


The products are high standard and based on a great expertise. From the undercutting of the pieces to the assembly and testing of finished products.  


LE LORRAIN has chosen HD SOUDAGE as its official distributor for 9 years in the « NORD PAS DE CALAIS » region. We are in close collaboration, which allows us to give our customers a great reactivity, helpful tips concerning the choice and the use of the products. 


As the exclusive distributor of LE LORRAIN, we ensure a LE LORRAIN certified repair service on their holders and welding torches. 


 Why choosing LE LORRAIN ? 

*Products guaranteed made in france. 

*High quality and resistance

*Personalized realization of welding torches is possible. Thanks to our working relationship with LE LORRAIN, specific equipments are made shortly (approx. 1 week). 

*We take care of maintenance and the repair work of the welding torches and holders. 


Range of products : 

-welding, cutting, high pressure and low pressure torches,

-Cutting heads or nozzles for all gases

-All gases holders (gas bottles and canals), boards and stations for the installation of studio. 

-Pipes, quick coupling, flashback arrestors for pipe, welding torch or 


-Equipments and accessories 

-On demand realizations (welding torches, regulator system stations, standing distribution..) CONTACT US ! 

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There are 293 products.