List of products by supplier NITTY GRITTY

Nitty Gritty is one worldwide leading companies regarding pickling and passivation machines on stainless steel. 

HD SOUDAGE has chosen NITTY GRITTY for its innovative products for welding passivation such as TIG CLINOX POWER/ 

 Nitty-Gritty, an Italian company, was created in 1995. Their story : three friends – with completely different professional expertise and experience –, while working on some stainless steel prototypes, became aware that, at least in Italy, there were no efficient alternatives to pickling paste for weld cleaning. They decided then to study the pickling technologies that already existed on the market.  

While analyzing the cons and limits of the latter, they succeeded in building a technologically more advanced machine for weld cleaning. They also started a research and development programme – ongoing today – which has allowed Nitty-Gritty to sell more than 50,000 machines all over the world and provide their weld pickling machines with all the main technical innovations.