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KEMPPI is a Finnish company which head office and factories are based in Finland. A sales engineer team and a customer service are based in Paris to support the distributors. 


Why is KEMPPI different than its competitors ? 

 -A strong capacity to innovate, in new welding stations as well as solutions and services for a more productive welding. 

-The production facilities are modern and efficient. Products as well as electronic components are made in the factories in Finland. Consummables are high standard and systematically tested. All KEMPPI products are shipped from Finland through DHL service, which guarantee a very short deadline for the final user. 

-The KEMPPI  welding machine are intended for ensuring the welder's satisfaction (easy adjustment and great reliability) and productivity. The inverters technology is fully controlled by KEMPPI : the machines are powerful and compact. 


-A complete range of welding machine in every welding process : TIG, MIG MAG, and MMAYou will find, depending on your needs, our portable and compact or strong and productive machines. 

-Innovative products, with easy adjustments, and an arc quality,  clearly superior than the competitors' one. 2 years KEMPPI guaranty parts and labor - in France and in every country where KEMPPI is, whatever the country of purchase. 

-A KEMPPI technical support for your special requests, your tests. 

-A follow-up of the spare parts and consumables on all the product line and short lead times. 

 3 reasons to choose KEMPPI and HD SOUDAGE for your welding operations. 

-Our technicians' team ensures the demonstrations in the "Nord Pas de Calais" region. Our maintenance service and customer service is certified by KEMPPI and promise a quick reactivity (under 48H). 

-Our rented package of welding machines is complete  TIG Machines from 200 A to 400 A, MIG machines from 200 A portables to 400 A powerful and productive. Our machines are recent (less than 2 years in average) and very well-maintained for our customers' satisfaction. All of our products are KEMPPI. You can give the KEMPPI quality and HD SOUDAGE service a try via our rental formulas (a day, a week, a month) or renta with option to purchase. 

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There are 10 products.