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CEPRO is a dutch company, created 25 tears ago. 

It excels in the welding protection products, such as welding curtains, welding screens, and welding blankets.. 

The partnership between CEPRO and HDSOUDAGE allows : 

-The distribution of high-quality products, selected following your applications.

-Very short deadline on all the standard products.

-Specific technical solutions 

The product range (/catalogue) : 

- Welding curtains, strap

-Anti-heat curtains

-Welding screens

-Welding booths / chamber...

CEPRO is a specialist in the safe fit-out of welding and grinding workshops and offers an extensive package of products and services. CEPRO products not only increase the safety of the workplace but also the efficiency which, in turn, improves the workflow and generates cost savings. The products comply with all applicable standards and regulations, also where the different subfields are concerned.

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There are 9 products.