"Since 1888, protecting the eye is at the heart of our expertise"

    Bollé Safety is a BRUSHNELL Group company specialized in optical performance for many years. The BOLLE brand highlights high-performance products that are reliable and comfortable to wear.

    All the products of the brand are tested and certified by independent organizations (Certottica, INSPEC, Vincotte ...) in accordance with the European standards in force.
    Each product has a specific marking that corresponds to a specific use.

    Product range :

    - Glasses with branch
    - Masks glasses
    - Ballistic glasses
    - Masks
    - Welding hood



    CEPRO is a dutch company, created 25 tears ago. 

    It excels in the welding protection products, such as welding curtains, welding screens, and welding blankets.. 

    The partnership between CEPRO and HDSOUDAGE allows : 

    -The distribution of high-quality products, selected following your applications.

    -Very short deadline on all the standard products.

    -Specific technical solutions 

    The product range (/catalogue) : 

    - Welding curtains, strap

    -Anti-heat curtains

    -Welding screens

    -Welding booths / chamber...

    CEPRO is a specialist in the safe fit-out of welding and grinding workshops and offers an extensive package of products and services. CEPRO products not only increase the safety of the workplace but also the efficiency which, in turn, improves the workflow and generates cost savings. The products comply with all applicable standards and regulations, also where the different subfields are concerned.



    For more than 25 years, industrial tooling DELTAIR provides high-standard products as well as different services. Created in 1993 near/around Paris, DELTAIR has become a well-known industry in the area of pneumatic tools distribution, and industrial equipment, with more than 900 outlets located all over France and abroad. They are constantly trying to improve our skills, products and services, which allows them to be certified ISO 9001

  • EGA Master fabricant d'outils industriels

    EGA Master fabricant d'outils industriels

    EGA MASTER is the only brand that offers a complete solution of industrial tools PREMIUM quality guaranting efficiency and security for users. 
    Among them, we can quote some companies and institutions such as Airbus, Exxon Mobil, Shell.. 

    The great commitment that EGA MASTER, S.A. assumes can only come from our own confidence. Confidence in our technology, quality, and performance. Our commitment of warranty covers all aspects related to the manufacturing of our tools. Unlimited, without restrictions, without boundaries. 
    Excpet items marked G12 whose guarranty would be 12 months, and in countries where "life-time guarantee" may be forbidden by law, in which case the guarantee will be the highest one allowed by law. Germany : 10 years. 

    Mission statement :

    We are a costumer-focused company that manufactures high quality tools and equipment for industrial/ professional use, as well as highly specialized safety instruments. 
    We firmly believe in Horizontal Integration as the best manufacturing method. International business and Innovation are the key sources of continuous improvement. Our main commitment is the total satisfaction of our customers by offering a one-stop solution to all of their needs, with highly customized products and services. For that aim we rely on our ability to adapt, be flexible and remain permanently innovative.
    EGA MASTER is managed along the lines proposed by the EFQM European model of Excellence. The project is firmly based on its people, whose development according to their expectations -as well as those of society in general- forms the backbone of the company. 

    Vision : 

    To keep the company as a world-wide leading example in innovation, flexibility, service and total quality; respected and recognized by both our customers and the society of which we are part. We aim to continue our geographical expansion with a growth that is diversified, profitable and socially responsible, and which will generate employment and wealth for all involved. 

    Values : 
    -Customer orientation
    -Innovation and creativity
    -Team work
    -Willingness to learn and improve



    Since 1953, Europrotection is specialized in individual protection equipment exclusively for distributors. 


    Europrotection is a wholesaler who offers to resellers, several high standard exclusive brands. The company stores more than 250 000 products in France, which provides very fast delivery service to us. 

    All products are according with EU standards and pass tests and controls depending on their use. (Heat resistance, protection against the chemical risks, the mechanical risks..). 

    Europrotection’s catalogue is very wide : 

    -Work clothes 

    -Hands protection 

    -Safety boots

    -Anti-fall safeguard

    -Respiratory tracts protection 

    -Earing protection

    -Chemical protection


    HD soudage works alongside with Europrotection and offers different protection models as well as valuable tips depending on your work environment.



    Specialist in the sale, rental and maintenance in the field of welding and cutting. HD SOUDAGE accompanies you throughout your purchasing process. Need advice or information on a product. Our technical advisors are at your disposal.

    Discover our selection of premium products. Products in stock are shipped to France and Europe within 24H / 48H. We provide effective follow-up on the lifespan of the products. Our after-sales service is based on the competence of a professional technical team. The training of our technicians is a priority, which is why every year, technical and/or welding training is organized at our suppliers.

    Why HD SOUDAGE ? Selected products and recognized suppliers, a welding station repair service and many other products on sale in our shop. Also discover our range of welding machines, plasma cutters and powerful and recent vacuum cleaners and fume extractors available for rent.



    Excellence in cutting for about 50 years.. WELCOME HYPERTHERM » 


    Since 1968, Hypetherm has been specialized in cutting and plasma gouging, allowing them to link precision and productivity. 

    Constantly innovating, and looking for the best cutting results, HYPERTHERM provides long-lasting and effective products, ideal for work construction.


    Why choosing HYPERTHERM ? 

    -Easy to use, Safe for user and for plasma gun

    -Robustness and lightness + choice of the torch length from 6.5 to 16 meters.

    -Cheap and great lifespan of the consumables (nozzles, electrodes, protector).

    -3 years guarantee for PowerMax range power source + 1 year guarantee for the torch. 


    What WE can provide : 

    HD Soudage, has plasma cutting systems for rent in NORD PAS DE CALAIS REGION : 

    -PowerMax 30 Air with an integrated compressor and cutting capacities from 2 to 8 mm. 

    -PowerMax 30 XP with cutting capacities from 10 to 16 mm 

    -PowerMax 45 with cutting capacities from 12 to 25 mm 

    -PowerMax 105 with cutting capacities from 32 to 50 mm 


    We deliver plasma cutting station in all the « NORD PAS DE CALAIS » region as well as the rest of the country. Our machines are recent and supplied with the consommables for the cutting and the gouging (with extra quotation).


    Different renting menu :  a day, a week, a month (special pricing for professionals)



    KEMPPI is a Finnish company which head office and factories are based in Finland. A sales engineer team and a customer service are based in Paris to support the distributors. 


    Why is KEMPPI different than its competitors ? 

     -A strong capacity to innovate, in new welding stations as well as solutions and services for a more productive welding. 

    -The production facilities are modern and efficient. Products as well as electronic components are made in the factories in Finland. Consummables are high standard and systematically tested. All KEMPPI products are shipped from Finland through DHL service, which guarantee a very short deadline for the final user. 

    -The KEMPPI  welding machine are intended for ensuring the welder's satisfaction (easy adjustment and great reliability) and productivity. The inverters technology is fully controlled by KEMPPI : the machines are powerful and compact. 


    -A complete range of welding machine in every welding process : TIG, MIG MAG, and MMAYou will find, depending on your needs, our portable and compact or strong and productive machines. 

    -Innovative products, with easy adjustments, and an arc quality,  clearly superior than the competitors' one. 2 years KEMPPI guaranty parts and labor - in France and in every country where KEMPPI is, whatever the country of purchase. 

    -A KEMPPI technical support for your special requests, your tests. 

    -A follow-up of the spare parts and consumables on all the product line and short lead times. 

     3 reasons to choose KEMPPI and HD SOUDAGE for your welding operations. 

    -Our technicians' team ensures the demonstrations in the "Nord Pas de Calais" region. Our maintenance service and customer service is certified by KEMPPI and promise a quick reactivity (under 48H). 

    -Our rented package of welding machines is complete  TIG Machines from 200 A to 400 A, MIG machines from 200 A portables to 400 A powerful and productive. Our machines are recent (less than 2 years in average) and very well-maintained for our customers' satisfaction. All of our products are KEMPPI. You can give the KEMPPI quality and HD SOUDAGE service a try via our rental formulas (a day, a week, a month) or renta with option to purchase. 

  • KENI


    Since 1978, the cutting tool is at the heart of our work. 

    KENI catalogue

    -Sawing : sawing blade.. 

    -Piercing : magnetic drill, cutter, cylinder saw, drills.. 

    -Bucking : circular saw, blades..

    -Deburring : chamfer cutter..

    Liquids : cutting-oil, lubricant, non-stick coating



    "For more than 50 years, HAMPIAUX society has created a complete range of flame welding, under the brand LE LORRAIN. 

    Founded in 1946, many industries (wether in the steel industry, metallurgy, boiler making, craftsmen or refrigerator specialists) are delighted to work with LE LORRAIN. Their reputation is excellent. 


    The products are high standard and based on a great expertise. From the undercutting of the pieces to the assembly and testing of finished products.  


    LE LORRAIN has chosen HD SOUDAGE as its official distributor for 9 years in the « NORD PAS DE CALAIS » region. We are in close collaboration, which allows us to give our customers a great reactivity, helpful tips concerning the choice and the use of the products. 


    As the exclusive distributor of LE LORRAIN, we ensure a LE LORRAIN certified repair service on their holders and welding torches. 


     Why choosing LE LORRAIN ? 

    *Products guaranteed made in france. 

    *High quality and resistance

    *Personalized realization of welding torches is possible. Thanks to our working relationship with LE LORRAIN, specific equipments are made shortly (approx. 1 week). 

    *We take care of maintenance and the repair work of the welding torches and holders. 


    Range of products : 

    -welding, cutting, high pressure and low pressure torches,

    -Cutting heads or nozzles for all gases

    -All gases holders (gas bottles and canals), boards and stations for the installation of studio. 

    -Pipes, quick coupling, flashback arrestors for pipe, welding torch or 


    -Equipments and accessories 

    -On demand realizations (welding torches, regulator system stations, standing distribution..) CONTACT US ! 



    Nitty Gritty is one worldwide leading companies regarding pickling and passivation machines on stainless steel. 

    HD SOUDAGE has chosen NITTY GRITTY for its innovative products for welding passivation such as TIG CLINOX POWER/ 

     Nitty-Gritty, an Italian company, was created in 1995. Their story : three friends – with completely different professional expertise and experience –, while working on some stainless steel prototypes, became aware that, at least in Italy, there were no efficient alternatives to pickling paste for weld cleaning. They decided then to study the pickling technologies that already existed on the market.  

    While analyzing the cons and limits of the latter, they succeeded in building a technologically more advanced machine for weld cleaning. They also started a research and development programme – ongoing today – which has allowed Nitty-Gritty to sell more than 50,000 machines all over the world and provide their weld pickling machines with all the main technical innovations.



                                                      "OPTREL, SWISS MADE"

    Optrel AG settled in Wattwil, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of active eye protection products, which are first of all used in fields of applications like welding, grinding and health care focussing on safety, health and efficiency of its users.

    The internationally working company was founded in 1986 and since that is known as a technology leader in the market of ADFs for welders, but also throughout other opto-electronical protection systems.

    With its world-leading innovations optrel regularly raises this claim and offers customers and users enormous advantages world-wide. It stands out from the other firms thanks to its quest for perfection in innovation, quality, reliability, maximum performances and absolute safety of all its products. 

    This brand is also synonym of quality because it has earned the quality's certification ISO 9001 that you can discover by clicking here.  

    Discover their products on our web site by clicking here.



    Plymovent, is one of the first worldwide suppliers of products, systems and services of extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. They offer high quality solutions for the extraction of welding and cutting smoke, grinding dust and oil mist in the metallurgical industry. 
     Moreover, they provide solutions to capture and take off vehicles' exhaust gases. Thanks to their products, your work environment is cleaner, healthier and safer. 

    All products are manufactured with great care and tested extensively. 

    The company is represented worldwide. Some of their production locations can be found in Alkmaar (Netherlands), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Cranbury NJ (USA). Some sales offices are located in Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States as well. 
    Concerning the rest of the world, more than 85 authorised distributors help the company providing good services and products.



    With over 110 years of experience and a legacy of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a global leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable and high-quality workwear that are certified according to
    international wellknown norms.

    This factory is specialized in the manufacture of high-protection clothing and equipment of English origin, this firm has earned a world wide reputation thanks to its many factories based in the UK, Irland, Poland,
    Dubai, Australia and the United States but also in Bangladesh and China.

    Portwest stands out from the other firms thanks to its loyal qualities that HD SOUDAGE did not find in the other firms. That is why our brand chose to work with them. We love the quality, the services and the value of their products which are renewed with originality regularly. 

    Their big collection of work's clothes, security shoes and EPI have been made to protect people working in different sectors like the oil and gas, welding, mining, agriculture, transportation, chemicals and construction

    Portwest's products are specialized in protection against hazards including flames, arcing, chemicals, molten metals, heat, cold, visibility, rain and electrostatic discharge.

    Take a look at their new brochure by clicking here.
    You can also discover their products on our website by clicking here.



    In the mid 60's, Joe Sumner the worldwide general foreman for the Sam P. Wallace Co, realized that there was a great need for good welding tools and lifting equipment to make the job of installing pipe easier and safer.

    Because there was little available on the market, Joe designed and fabricated his own equipment and used them on Wallace jobs. The results were stunning. With Joe's tools, jobs were being completed well before scheduled completion dates and way under budget.

     From his success, Joe started Sumner Manufacturing by building products for the mechanical contractor based on his first hand knowledge of what was required in the field. As the demand for Sumner equipment spread across the country, the range of Sumner products grew as well. Today Sumner tools are used daily in over 50 countries and Sumner branches are available in Canada, the UK and The Netherlands to better serve these markets.

    While Sumner is recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment, our product range includes equipment for a wide variety of contractors. All Sumner products are built with the concept of providing safe, common sense tools which are priced right.



    WELD-TECH was founded in 1993. The company’s objective is to produce efficient and flexible tools for fixing and adjusting metal pipes and fittings during welding.

    The products are based on profitability, flexibility and efficiency to the benefit of both the user and the final result.

  • WELD'X


    Weld'x is an independent society, located in St Nazaire (France), wholesaler specialized in the marketing of every welding consumables.

    Product range : 

    -Welding wires MIG

    -Welding wires TIG 


    HD SOUDAGE has chosen to be one of WELD'X's distributors in France, for many reasons : 

    -A very complete range of wires and welding consumables.

    -Product’s Quality, certificat traceability for each lot, ISO 9001 V2008 certification. 

    -Technical assistance on wires and execute of the welding. 

    -Important storage in St Nazaire (if the product is not available in stock, there is a possibility to be supplied under 24h everywhere in France.)

    Why choosing WELD'X and HD SOUDAGE :

    -We manage an important stock of wires MIG/MAG, welding consumables, cored wires in different diameter. 

    -We deliver everywhere in France under 24/48h 

    -We offer a complete solution : welding machine to rent + welding wire



    Weldas is a factory based all over the world and especially in the Netherlands for european sales. It has earned the world wide reputation for the highest quality and most inovative products. 

    This firm is specialized in protection gear for welders.

    Weldas products are marked with appropriate EN marking standards and are manufactured by ISO, certified factory. Most of those products are certified according to the applicable European norms and some selection criteria that can be found by clicking here.

    HD SOUDAGE chose WELDAS for the superior quality, the comfort of the products as well as for their certification. The materials used are chosen according to each use. (Flower leather, leather crust, flame retardant fabric ...)

    >> The selection of products:
    - Welding gloves
    - Jackets of welders
    - Welders pants
    - Aprons of welders
    - Welder's cuffs
    - Hoods (head and neck) and caps
    - Wallet hoods
    - Welding cushions
    A WELDAS article interested? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.
    If you want to know more about a product, do not hesitate to consult the Weldas website and to discover the catalog 2019 by clicking here.



    Since 1988, WELTEK (FRANCE), is specialized in ventilated technical welding hood. This family business has managed to develop itself by innovating in terms of welders' safety. 

    Product range : 

    -Welding helmets (ventilated, electronic..)

    -Safety glasses

    -Anti-heat curtains, welding glass..

    -Ventilated masks..

    NEWS : Weltek has launched a new range of ventilated welding helmets, at very affordable prices. Kapio and Navitek, with the breathing safety AIRKOS. 

    The AIRKOS allows 2 airflows depending on the use : 180 l/min or 22à l/min. A simple pression allows to change. 

    Why choosing HD SOUDAGE ? 

    -We have a great storage of electronic and ventilated welding helmets.

    -We assure after sales service.

    WELTEK politics is to choose their distribution network such as HD SOUDAGE, active resaler in order to answer to customer’s needs

    The leitmotive then are : selective distribution, welding, and personal equipment. 

    -Welding helmets