A magnetic drill is an electric tool used for drilling holes in metal materials. It consists of an electric motor that drives a drilling rod, an electric magnet that holds the drilling rod in place, and a handle for holding it.

In this product category, you will discover the magnetic drills from the KENI brand. It is the reference brand for innovative and smart magnetic drills. They are characterized by their compact size and power. The KENI magnetic drills are sold with their transport cases, glasses + plugs, ears and gloves, with a one-year warranty. All KENI drills are equipped with a single-speed motor and an integrated lubrication system. Discover our range of accessories for drilling, milling and drilling.

Magnetic drills are particularly useful for drilling work on flat surfaces, such as metal floors, steel sheets and sheet metal. The electric magnet holds the drilling rod in place, which facilitates the precision of drilling and reduces the risk of movement of the drilling rod.

There are several types of magnetic drills, each designed for specific use. Portable magnetic drills are the most common and are used for drilling work on flat surfaces outside buildings. Column magnetic drills are used for drilling work on flat surfaces inside buildings and mobile head magnetic drills are used for drilling work on inclined surfaces.

Magnetic drills are often used in the construction, mechanics, metallurgy, steelmaking and metal recovery industries. They are also used for repairs and maintenance on industrial equipment and machine tools.

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