Downdraft tables

The suction table is an alternative option to fume extractors and other extractors. For this equipment, HD SOUDAGE relies on the DraftMax ECO, DraftMax BASIC and DraftMax ULTRA suction tables from plymovent. This company has specialized for more than 40 years in the filtration and extraction of welding smoke. The DraftMax is designed to protect welders and personnel working in the vicinity, because good extraction and filtration of fumes and dusts contribute to the improvement of the working environment.  Plymovent suction tables are equipped with an extraction system that directly extracts, through the work surface or through the discharge panel, the fumes and dust from the welder's breathing zone, and thanks to the three-way firewall placed under the work surface; sparks cannot reach the filter cartridges. A HEPA kit can be added if the air is recirculated.

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