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    8.59 € (tax excl.) €12.77 (tax excl.)

    121.55 € (tax excl.) €180.88 (tax excl.)

    In the market, all 60" wrenches have a shorter length than their nominal size since it is not a standard measurement, in order to reduce its weight.

    Replaceable steel alloy lower jaw. Twisted teeth, milled with great precision for optimal grip and greater durability.

    Delivery in France and Europe in 24h / 48h.

  • Adjustable threaders 1/4-2'' NPT

    434.03 € (tax excl.) €465.00 (tax excl.)

    By means of adjustable dies, it is easy to thread different pipe diameters with one tool. 

    Other sizes on request. 

    Delivered in 24h in France and Europe. 

  • Aqua Cut Pro cut D glove Blue/Black.

    6.90 € (tax excl.) €7.92 (tax excl.)

    AQUA CUT PRO gloves offer level D cut resistance. These gloves consist of two layers to ensure maximum protection for your hands! The first layer is smooth nitrile and the second is foam nitrile, providing a secure grip and protecting you from contaminants.

    Delivery France and Europe in 24h/48h

  • Arc Knight welding sleeves (the pair), flame retardant cotton 520 gr./m2 WELDAS

    19.10 € (tax excl.) €25.48 (tax excl.)

    Great comfort and flexibility. For intensive use, FR 520 gr./m² cotton with black cow split leather reinforcement. 5 washes at 60°C.

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    Argon / CO2 / 38l/mn - 3S type shielded pressure Pressure regulators

    110.01 € (tax excl.) €178.87 (tax excl.)

    3S type shielded pressure Pressure regulator 

    Gas : ARGON/CO2 38 l/mn 

    Inlet type : C 

    Outlet : 12x100 R 

    Weight : 1,780 kg 

    Made in France. 

    Delivere in 24h in France and Europe. 

  • Artic winter glove, sandblasted nitrile - size 10

    3.18 € (tax excl.) €4.78 (tax excl.)

    Latest innovation in gloves: lining to keep the hand dry and 3/4 coated nitrile foam to protect the fingers from cold and water. Ventilated back for better breathability. Cold work environments can lead to serious injury risks. When it is cold, the motor skills of the hands can be considerably reduced, which leads to an increased risk of accidents and injuries. Our range of thermal protection gloves has been specially designed to combat these dangerous environments.

  • Bandana Fire Fox™ blue, flame retardant

    8.08 € (tax excl.) €10.77 (tax excl.)

    Unique size. Often used in combination with a helmet. Great comfort and flexibility. Integrated sweatband at the front of the bandana. 305 gr./m² flame retardant cotton.

  • Bizflamme jacket, 100% cotton, flame resistant / antistatic marine 330g/m²

    41.88 € (tax excl.) €51.88 (tax excl.)

    The Bizflame Pro Jacket offers exceptional comfort and protection. Functional features include a chest pocket with a concealed phone pocket and a handy radio loop.

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    Black split leather hood Arc Knight® WELDAS

    13.13 € (tax excl.) €16.23 (tax excl.)

    Hook and loop closure - Black cow split leather + For intensive use, FR cotton 520 gr./m². Size 41cm / Neck: 42-53 cm. Head: 64cm.

  • BLAST Mask - Brand BOLLE

    11.57 € (tax excl.) €17.57 (tax excl.)
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    Cagoule BOHLER Guardian camouflage

    143.40 € (tax excl.) €172.40 (tax excl.)
  • Combination wrench set (26) - 32 MM EGAMASTER

    238.39 € (tax excl.) €255.00 (tax excl.)

    Delivered in 24h in France and Europe. 

    • -€339.77

    copy of Masque de meulage Optrel Clearmaxx PAPR

    981.54 € (tax excl.) €1,321.31 (tax excl.)
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    • -€450.62

    copy of Respiratory Protection Optrel - Vegaview 2.5 PAPR

    1318.00 € (tax excl.) €1,768.62 (tax excl.)

    The Automatic Welding Helmet with World Record ADF :

    -Shade Level 2.5 in Light State

    -Shade Level Range 8 to 12

    -Grind Mode with perfect View

    -Bring light into the darkness.

    Up to 4 times lighter view in light state and in grind mode. A real world record! optrel redefines the viewing experience for welders. 

  • Crystal2.0 package + swiss air respiratory protection system

    1690.50 € (tax excl.) €1,758.00 (tax excl.)

    The CRYSTAL 2.0 package + the SWISS AIR respiratory protection system from OPTREL allows you to benefit from the advantages of the CRYSTAL 2.0 hood, and those of the SWISS AIR protection system.

    This pack is composed of the CRYSTAL 2.0 hood and the complete SWISS AIR kit with control panel, which contains a comfort half mask with a hose system, head strap, blowing unit with filter and pre-filter, transport unit on the shoulder, charger and battery.

    Also, available in a package with other non-ventilated hoods of your choice!

    FREE delivery in France and Europe in 24/48 H

  • DX471 - DX4 Hybrid Baffle Jacket, Metal Gray

    49.67 € (tax excl.) €54.67 (tax excl.)

    The DX4 Baffle Jacket incorporates an ergonomic body design to balance insulation and comfort. Quilted insulated panels help keep the core area of ​​the body warm, while knitted sleeves provide stretch and unrestricted movement.

    Two side-entry zippered chest pockets and internal pockets provide plenty of secure storage.

  • EKO35 - Magnetic Drill 1050W/220V

    629.00 € (tax excl.) €673.00 (tax excl.)

    The EKO35 portable electric drill is designed for heavy-duty drilling work, whether on the job site or in the workshop. It is equipped with a fixed electromagnet for efficient flat drilling. The Weldon 19 chuck allows the attachment of core drills from Ø12 to 35 mm with drilling depths of 30 and 50 mm. 

    The EKO035 drill is equipped with a single speed motor and a lubrication system.

    Delivered in its carrying case.

    2 years warranty.

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    EWM Inverter ARC Pico 160 Cel Puls Portable Welder

    652.70 € (tax excl.) €680.00 (tax excl.)

    Inverter arc welding station, DC for welding coated or cellulosic electrodes Diam 2.5 - 3 mm.

    This EWM station is very light - only 4.7 kg, and portable by shoulder strap. It is ideal for interventions on site or on site. You can work with long extension cords or from a generator. The EWM electrical qualities make it possible to compensate for voltage variations and guarantee you a soft and stable arc.

    Sold without accessories (bare). EWM WARRANTY: 3 YEARS

    Order now and receive your machine within 24 hours in France and Europe.

  • EWM Pico 160 welding machine

    547.27 € (tax excl.) €597.00 (tax excl.)

    The Pico 160 DC is very light, and resists to shocks thanks to its aluminum and plastic casing. It is designed for interventions on site or on site. The EWM electrical qualities make it possible to compensate for voltage variations and guarantee you a soft and stable arc.


    Delivery anywhere in France and Europe within 24/48 hours.

  • FLASH electro-optical mask True color

    136.05 € (tax excl.) €205.05 (tax excl.)

    The FLASH welding mask is the reference in welding masks. Suitable for all welding work, it is resistant to extreme heat -10°/+60°. It has an XXL field of vision of 98 x 87 mm, and an ergonomic headband with shape memory.

    The welding mask is delivered with : B9V Variable tint filter 5-8/9-13, electro-optical filter, ergonomic headband - STWELD, external and internal guard screens, instructions and protective bag.

    Delivery in France and Europe in 24 h / 48 h.

  • Folding tripods - Load 1135 kg

    93.00 € (tax excl.) €100.00 (tax excl.)

    Foldable and sturdy server of the SUMNER brand. Allows to support loads up to 1t. Height adjustment thanks to a steering wheel. Locking with a pin. Delivered without head. To be completed with V-shaped head or head with steel/stainless steel ball, or head with wheel.

    This model also called stanchion is a "Best seller" product with an important stock in our warehouse.

    Delivery in France and Europe in 48/72 H for quantity superior to 3 units.

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    Full FUSION welding helmet - BOLLE

    99.00 € (tax excl.) €152.00 (tax excl.)

    Inspired by the best assets of its predecessors, FUSION+ enhances the range by providing better optical performance and greater comfort. Suitable for all welding work, Bollé FUSION+ is a concentrate of innovation. Weighing just 538g, this balaclava won the Innovation award at the Preventica show in 2013.

    Shipping within 24 hours in France and Europe.