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Plasma cutting machines

For all your plasma cutting of steel, aluminium and stainless steel, we recommend the plasma cutting machines made by Hypertherm, which is THE reference for this type of machine. Their products can meet all your cutting needs. Range of machines: Powermax offers the best cutting capabilities on the market. Deliveries in France and Benelux within 24/48/72 hours. Volume discount available according to duration of hire.
  • Poste Plasma Powermax 105 Torche 7,6m 400V TRI

    5990.00 € (tax excl.) €7,350.00 (tax excl.)
  • Powermax 45XP Plasma system Torche 6,1M 400V TRI

    2394.00 € (tax excl.) €2,850.00 (tax excl.)

    The Powermax45 XP delivers increased cut capacity – up to 20 mm  metal – as well as faster cut speeds, and automatic gas adjustment for quick, simple setup and operation. 

    New Duramax Lock torches support handheld and mechanized cutting of a wider range of metal thicknesses, along with precision gouging such as spot weld removal, and marking capabilities.

    To cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum with thicknesses from 1 to 20 mm. Suitable for 90% of uses of industrialists and craftsmen. Simple to adjust and very easy to use: work is done by keeping the torch in direct contact with the workpiece. Consumables change without tools. The station and the torch are equipped with effective security in case of defect or of problem.

  • Powermax 30AIR plasma system Torche 4,5M, 230V/MONO

    2099.00 € (tax excl.) €2,600.00 (tax excl.)

    Despite its small size, the Powermax30 AIR delivers big performance. The smallest, lightest handheld plasma cutting system in its class, it includes its own built-in air compressor, so you can use the Powermax30 AIR anywhere there’s single-phase power. Just plug it in, attach the work clamp and you’re ready to cut.

    It is suitable for work of locksmith, fine metalwork and more usually work of maintenance on site.

  • Plasma System - PowerMax30 XP Manuel - Torche of 4.5m

    1739.00 € (tax excl.) €2,070.00 (tax excl.)

    The Powermax30 XP is a highly portable plasma cutting system that can handle a wide range of applications. A unique “two-in-one” design provides high-power capability for thick metal cutting, as well as the FineCut consumables for detailed, thin metal cutting. The versatile 30 amp system uses air or nitrogen to cut electrically conductive metals, such as mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.