SWISS AIR OPTREL TH3/TM3 or ABE1P Assisted Ventilation Kit

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HD Soudage offers you two advanced respiratory protection kits: the SWISS AIR OPTREL TH3/TM3 kit, designed to efficiently filter dust, smoke, and aerosols with an air purification up to 500 times greater, and the SWISS AIR OPTREL ABE1P kit, specially tailored for protection against gases, vapors, and particles, ideal for demanding environments.

These kits ensure safety and comfort for various professional activities.

ATEX certified product


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HD Soudage cares about your health and offers a wide range of products that protect you during your welding, grinding, cutting activities, and many other activities that pose health risks. Our goal is to provide you with innovative, high-tech products to protect you as much as possible from dust, smoke, and aerosols. That's why we have selected for you the new innovative OPTREL, SWISS AIR products, available in two kits adapted to different uses:

Configuration 1: SWISS AIR OPTREL TH3/TM3 Assisted Ventilation Kit

Key Technical Features of the Product:

  • Washable face mask (max. 90°C)
  • Battery and filter indicator (audible (fan) / visual (control panel))
  • Continuously adjustable air flow with the control panel.

This product helps reduce neck and back pain due to a significant reduction in the weight of head, face, and eye protection systems, and enhances the user's performance through the positive pressure system that supports breathing and causes no breathing resistance.


We recommend this product because it offers the following benefits to the user:

  • Working autonomy up to 14 hours (100 l/min) and 8 hours (130 l/min).
  • Instant start of the ventilation system and great comfort due to its very low weight and ergonomic harness.
  • Compatible with most non-ventilated OPTREL welding masks: Panoramaxx series, Crystal, e684, Végaview 2.5, LiteFlip, Néo, Clearmaxx..., construction helmets, safety glasses, and more.
  • Very high respiratory protection with air purified to 99.98%.
  • ATEX certified product

Application Area:

  • Welding
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cold Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Cleaning
Type  Swiss battery-powered fan-assisted respiratory protection system (PAPR).
Protection Class TH3 (EN12941)
Fuse Electronic
Alarm Optical (with SWISS AIR control panel) and audible for low/very low battery charge, blocked filter, no filter, and low air flow.
Low Battery Charge Alarm Frequency 3.0 s (1.5 s on, 1.5 s off)
Dimensions  250 x 170 x 50 cm
Weight  1200 g
Battery Type Li-ion Battery 3.6 V / 6.5 ah / 23.4Wh
Operating Time Level 1 : 14 hours / Level 2 : 12 hours / Level 3 : 8 hours

Configuration 2: SWISS AIR OPTREL ABE1P Assisted Ventilation Kit:

In a world where the risks associated with exposure to chemical substances and particles are increasingly concerning, the SWISS AIR ABE1P combined kit emerges as a cutting-edge respiratory protection solution, specifically designed to offer unparalleled safety. This revolutionary assisted ventilation device, developed by Swiss air technology, is specially crafted to protect users against a wide range of respiratory threats, from organic and inorganic gases and vapors to acid gases and vapors, including sulfur dioxide and various particles.

The ABE1P combined filter is distinguished by its ability to provide complete protection in various work environments, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of professionals exposed to potentially dangerous substances. This device is the result of advanced engineering and continuous innovation, aiming to meet the most demanding standards in respiratory protection.

The classification of the ABE1P filter reveals its broad spectrum of protection:

  • A for protection against certain organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65°C, represented by the color brown. This category includes many solvents and volatile organic compounds commonly encountered in the chemical industry.
  • B for protection against certain inorganic gases and vapors, except for carbon monoxide, symbolized by the color grey. This classification covers a range of dangerous inorganic chemical substances, such as chlorine.
  • E for protection against sulfur dioxide and other acid gases, indicated by the color yellow. This protection is essential for workers exposed to acidic environments or industrial processes releasing corrosive gases.
  • P for protection against particles, ensuring effective filtration of dust, smoke, and aerosols that can be harmful to the lungs.

The ABE1P combined filter complies with European standards EN 12941 and EN 12942, attesting to its ability to provide a high level of protection in demanding work conditions. These certifications, TH3 A1B1E1 P R SL for assisted ventilation systems and TM3 A1B1E1 P R SL for motorized filtering devices, highlight the efficiency and reliability of the filter in protecting the respiratory tract against a variety of airborne hazards.

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