Welding mask Navitek S4 + PAPR Airkos

CR 38 S4

"Ready to use" welding mask with PAPR unit. This set combines a welding mask including a "2 in 1" welding and grinding mask connected to a PAPR unit.

Easy to use for all welding and grinding operations in all industries. This model is perfect for those who operate 4-5 hours/day and are seeking for a good quality vs price equipement.

The Airkos PAPR unit is attached to a comfortable and ajustable belt. Filter and prefilter are classified TH2 PRSL

Welding helmet is WELTEK NAVITEK that includes a wide screen for grinding and Flip welding S4 ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) - Shade 9/13. Total weignt is only 2.35 kg (PAPR unit + mask).

Bestselling product. Always on the shelves. Dispatch within 24 Hrs.

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Airkos Navitek complete set for welders includes :

- PAPR Airkos unit with belt

- Hose to connect PAPR to welding mask

- Welding Helmet with S4 ADF and grinding shield

- Charger 220 V (110 V for UK on request)

- Bag for storing your equipment

- 1 main filter + pre filter

This unit is very popular amoung welders and grinders. It has 2 Airflows (180 l/mn or 220 l/mn) adjustable by simply pressing a button located on the PAPR unit. Airkos PAPR unit has 2 alarms for filter and charge status. Main filter and pre filter are filtering solid and liquid particules. Main filter (CR 7050) can be replaced every month and Pre-filter (CR 7060) every week or less depending on the use.

Lithium-ion batteries give a 10 h autonomy (180 l/mn) or 7 h (220 l/mn). Weight : 1180 g - 1 year WARRANTY.

Also available with different welding mask (see Kapio CR 18 S9) and different Auto Darkening Filter. For more information, please contact us by email or phone.

Welding mask

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