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  • Ready to grind package clearmax + système de protection respiratoire swiss air.

    977.50 € (tax excl.) -15% €1,150.00 (tax excl.)

    The package ready to grind clearmax + SWISS AIR respiratory protection system from OPTREL, allows you to benefit from the advantages of the Clearmaxx, and the SWISS AIR protection system.

    The Clearmaxx grinding hood offers you a clear and unobstructed view of your work place. The SWISS AIR will provide you with protection of the highest class (TH3P) against alveolar particles.

    Also available in a ready-to-weld package with the non-ventilated hood of your choice! For more information, contact us.

    Protect yourself with the ready-to-grind pack! An investment for your safety and comfort.

    Delivery to France and Europe in 24/48 H

  • WallPro Single

    6097.00 € (tax excl.)

    WallPro Single is a high-tech stationary fume extractor, designed for professional welders. This extractor is equipped with an extraction arm, a PVA-3000 fan, and a self-cleaning filter cartridge. Pressure-controlled cleaning with RamAir amplifiers ensures efficient filter cleaning.

    The WallPro protects the welder, his environment and the maintenance technician.

    Need advice? Our experts are at your disposal !

    Delivery France / Europe within 24 h / 48 h

  • HEPA filter module - PLYMOVENT

    1096.00 € (tax excl.)

    Filter for existing installation.

    Allows the fumes to be filtered for indoor rejection.

    To be mounted on an existing pipeline network.

    Inlet / outlet Ø250 mm, Maximum flow: 3000m³ / h

  • Epurateur mobile des fumés de soudure avec filtre auto-nettoyant

    2915.00 € (tax excl.)

    The MobilePro is a welding fume extractor with a self-cleaning filter cartridge. This mobile unit is equipped with an ergonomic handle and four casters, two of which swivel for greater mobility.

    MobilePro is suitable for many welding applications (TIG, MIG / MAG, GMAW, FCAM, and electrode welding).

    The suction arm must be ordered separately. The 3 and 4 m KUA and EconomyArm can be attached to the MobilePro to achieve the desired length.

    Filtering surface of 20 m², fan 1.1 KW. Suction capacity 1200 m3 / h max.

    Delivery France Europe 24 h / 48 h

  • Bras d'aspiration flexible Flex -3/4

    697.00 € (tax excl.)

    The Flex smoke extraction arms from PLYMOVENT allow the extraction of fumes from welding, cutting and grinding processes.

    The Flex is equipped with a rotating Rotahood hood which is equipped with a butterfly valve which can be opened fully or partially, this allows to control the air flow when opening the hood. The arm features an advanced EasyLift friction system for light and easy arm positioning.

    The Flex is recommended for all dry welding applications such as electrode welding, TIG, MIG / MAG and spot welding.

    Available in three meters and four meters.

    Need advice? Our experts are at your disposal.

    Delivery France Europe 24 h / 48 h