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  • TIG INVERTER PROTIG 200 welding station + WT 17 4m torch

    746.15 € (tax excl.)

    The ProTig 200 TIG welder offers an excellent opportunity to practice your knowledge and skills. Whether you are a craftsman, a handyman or a maintenance technician, this machine is the ideal tool for you.

    Delivered in a complete "ready to weld" pack with case, WeldTig TG17 L 4m torch, earth cable L 3m and electrode holder cable L 3m

    Guaranteed 3 years, maintenance and repairs are carried out by us in the workshop.

    Need advice? Our experts are at your disposal on a simple call.

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    Optrel Electronic Balaclava Pack - Panoramaxx CLT + Transport bag + Parking Buddy + Set of 2 outdoor screens

    547.50 € (tax excl.) €612.50 (tax excl.)

    Discover the Optrel Electronic Welding Helmet Pack - panoramaxx CLT, the perfect choice for professional and demanding welders. This complete kit includes the panoramaxx CLT electronic welding helmet, a carrying bag, a parking buddy, and a set of 2 outer screens.

    This electronic welding helmet is designed to last, with a sturdy construction and superior manufacturing quality. With this complete pack, you have everything you need to work with confidence, without having to worry about your equipment. If you are a professional and demanding welder, choose the Optrel Electronic Welding Helmet Pack - panoramaxx CLT and experience exceptional welding performance.

    OPTREL 2+1 year warranty. Swiss made.

  • NEO electronic hood pack - Neo P550 black 4/9 + Transport bag + Parking buddy + Set of 2 outdoor screens

    243.72 € (tax excl.) €260.72 (tax excl.)

    The OPTREL ELECTRONIC HOOD PACK comes complete with the NEO welding mask, carrying bag, Parking buddy, and a set of 2 external screens.

    With Optrel's advanced opto-electronic technology, the Optrel Neo P550 mask offers a combination of the P550 mask shell's benefits and optimal visibility thanks to the liquid crystals. This pack is available at an affordable price, and the new power supply system provides an autonomy of around 3000 hours with a reaction time of just 0.1 ms from the moment the welding arc is triggered. Enjoy perfect protection and optimal comfort for your eyes with this pack.

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